About the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

About the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

"GOTS" stands for the Global Organic Textile Standard, which is a certification system for textiles made from organic fibers. The GOTS standard defines globally recognized requirements from product start to finish that ensure the organic status of textiles and maintain ethical manufacturing. 

To receive the GOTS certification, a textile product must meet a set of stringent environmental and social criteria that is certified by an independent, accredited certification body. GOTS certified products must have the following: 

  • Made from organic fibers
  • Free of toxic chemicals such as heavy metals, formaldehyde, and GMO’s. 
  • Bleaches must be oxygen based (no chlorine)
  • Dyes must meet requirements on toxicity and biodegradability
  • Packaging must not contain PVC, all paper or cardboard used must be recycled or certified by the FSC or PEFC. 
  • GOTS also implements fair labor practices ensuring all workers along the supply chain earn a living wage. 

All GOTS certified goods must have the GOTS label with license number, label grade and  certifier reference affixed to the product. 

GOTS is recognized as the leading international standard for textiles made from organic fibers, and many companies use it to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and to reassure consumers that their products meet high environmental and social standards. The certification is also an important tool for consumers who want to make informed choices about the products they buy and their impact on the environment and society.

For more information, visit the GOTS official website:  https://global-standard.org 

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