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what parents are saying about Uni Swaddle:

  • Emily T.

    “I was able to get it nice and snug. I also wanted to mention I liked the length. She is a longer baby and is already outgrowing her other swaddles.
    Update: At 9 weeks old, Maci is still loving the swaddle! The arm pockets are an awesome feature because they help keep her tucked in as she grows and gets more squirmy. She was starting to wiggle out of her other swaddles because she could move her arms but having the arm pockets helps keep her more secure with this swaddle!”

  • Audrey S.

    This swaddle is perfect for our two month old! It is very easy to swaddle him, and he falls asleep so quickly in it. I also love the zipper at the bottom to make overnight diaper changes easier!

  • Janalee H.

    We received the swaddle and it has been fantastic! Our baby was very big, 10 pounds 1 oz, and could use the swaddle pretty much from the beginning. I absolutely love the soft stretchy fabric and how the arms have little pockets. I also love the zippered bottom for ease of changing! Will this be a swaddle that you sell in bigger sizes? I would love to purchase more in the future as gifts for friends! 

100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

  • about us

    Uni Organics was founded out of the passion one entrepreneur had to help babies sleep. Macy, former Neonatal ICU (NICU) Registered Nurse, saw the struggles that new parents had getting their babies to sleep. Seeing how much time new parents spent looking for sleep solutions spurred her on to create the Uni Original Swaddle- made to work in tandem with your baby’s biology and natural instincts instead of against it.

we are on a mission

to make organic, sustainable baby products that will stand the test of time. Through innovative designs in timeless style, we want to help you get your baby (and you!) some sleep!

  • Innovation

    forward thinking designs to equip parents to be confident in the choices they make for their children 

  • Quality

    each piece is designed to stand the test of time being well loved and passed on

  • Sustainable

    we are committed to integrity in sustainability- which means fair wages, free of toxic chemicals, safety standards, and recycled packaging