11 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

11 Ways to Bond with Your Baby

Bonding is an important part of the parenting journey- which experts define as an intense attachment to your baby as the primary caregivers. Some parents find that attachment within minutes of birth, for others it takes longer. Researchers are finding that even if you don’t develop an immediate attachment, a bond can develop as time goes on. There are many ways to promote bonding with your baby, starting the first day they are born. 

  1. Skin to skin time is easy to incorporate during feeding or snuggling times. It involves putting the baby (clothed in just a diaper) next to your bare skin (usually chest for ease of holding), and covering both of you with a blanket. This can be done with either parent to promote bonding. 
  2. Cuddle together- this can be combined with skin to skin time or on its own with the baby wrapped up in a swaddle!
  3. Mimic infants cooing- helps establish communication with your baby.
  4. Read books- when your baby hears the sound of your voice it can be very comforting, and it’s an easy way to talk to your baby.
  5. Narrate your day to infant- include your baby in your day! This helps promote a connection.
  6. Learn infant massage- there are lots of resources online to teach you how to do infant massage, which can be very relaxing for you and your baby.
  7. Feeding- a great way for partners to participate in bonding with the baby, either one can participate.
  8. Make eye contact- provides meaningful connection as your baby develops.
  9. Play with your infant- make positive experiences together!
  10. Spend close up time with your baby- babies watch faces and can mimic adults faces.

If you feel like you are not able to bond with your baby, speak with your physician or other healthcare provider. There are many classes and other resources for developing a relationship with your baby. 

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